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iancameron_head-of-aviationWelcome to the first of many Met Office aviation blogs!

I lead the aviation services provided by the Met Office to our regulated and commercial customers ranging from ICAO through to balloonists.  I have been in the Met Office for 33 years starting as an observer at RAF Lyneham, then as a forecaster at military bases.  I spent several years in the RAF Reserve forecasting with the Mobile Met Unit (MMU).  Then after many desk jobs I led our operations centre and for the last three years have led the aviation team. I have flown a lot and enjoy it, including the back seat of an RAF F3 fighter, but for some strange reason I hate heights.

The Met Office (a Trading Fund within the BEIS Government Department) provides many services to a range of customers in the UK and globally.  A major role is providing meteorological services to the aviation industry at airports, for airlines, for general aviation users and in a large part the air traffic management of our skies.  For example the Met Office is a World Area Forecast Centre (WAFC) being one of only two centres in the world providing planning forecasts and wind information to all the world’s airlines.

The aviation team within the Met Office has many skills and experiences including meteorologists, scientists, technology and product experts, marketing and communications along with industry experts.  You will be hearing from all of these people over the coming weeks and months on a wide range of topics

So, why we are blogging?

We are blogging to raise awareness of meteorology in the aviation industry and to interact with you to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.  We welcome comments on our blog, feedback, ideas for future blogs and possibly even guest writers.

We are aiming to deliver insight that is useful to the aviation industry- to raise awareness and generate discussions.  We will do this in bite size formats using videos, graphics and text.

In the first few weeks we will blog on topics such as climate change impacts on aviation, how the Met Office works with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the role we play in Single European Skies, clarity on fog forecasting, what is turbulence and why it is destructive, and how we work on site with our customers.  Of course the occasional blog ahead of significant weather events can be expected.

Ian Cameron- Exec Head of Aviation

Let us know your thoughts

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