The UK Aerodrome Warning Service explained


Example of aerodrome warning issued, shown on GA web briefing portal

As part of our role as the UK’s designated aviation met service provider, the Met Office provides an Aerodrome Weather Warnings service for over 100 UK airports and airfields.

These warnings fulfil an important obligation, namely to raise awareness to aerodromes and their users of potentially hazardous weather that may impact them over the coming hours. Warnings for a range of weather conditions are provided including strong wind, frost, fog, thunderstorms. These warnings may be used to proactively put in place procedures to help mitigate the impact of severe weather events. For example, a strong wind warning may alert light aircraft owners to tether or hanger their aircraft, a fog warning may lead to an aerodrome placing operational restrictions, whilst the risk of thunderstorms may impact the decision to refuel aircraft.

The service is provided on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority, so is available free at the point of use to airports and pilots.

These warnings are made freely available on the Met Office GA web briefing portal (registration required). Furthermore, registered users may also sign up to receive emailed notifications of warnings issued for their airport/aerodrome of interest.


Registration for emailed aerodrome warnings

For more information on the Aerodrome Warning Service please email

Darren Hardy- Senior National Aviation Met Advisor

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