As the UK’s national meteorological service, we have been forecasting the weather for over 160 years and provide a range of products and services to aid and protect the public, government and business in all conditions.

A major role of ours is providing meteorological advice to the aviation industry. In fact – we’re responsible for forecasting the weather across two thirds of the world’s airspace.

Our scientific expertise in aviation meteorology is globally recognised, and we are one of only two World Area Forecast Centres (WAFCs), providing high-level weather information globally. We’re also the official weather supplier to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and National Air Traffic services (NATs) and one of nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres (VAACs) – providing reports and forecasts for the movement of volcanic ash plumes covering the UK, Iceland and the north-eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, we combine our scientific prowess with customer-focused solutions to advise all aviation sectors – airlines, airports, air traffic control, ground handling, airport construction and maintenance – to increase safety, achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Our products and services include:

Onsite meteorologists: Our meteorologists can be placed to work at airports or with airlines, side by side with the operational staff, around the clock, every day of the year. This enables staff to ask for the latest information and forecast graphics at any time and discuss the probabilities attached to any risk.

OpenRunway®: A recently enhanced, web-based planning tool delivering all your critical weather information to alert you to changing weather conditions, helping you plan ahead to avoid delays. This flexible product is mobile-device friendly and offers forecasts which are clear and easy to use – helping you keep your schedules running to time.

Aircraft De-icing: This is offered via OpenRunway® and provides accurate forecasts of icing events up to five days ahead. It helps reduce aircraft icing costs and delays through improved logistical planning and more effective resource utilisation.

ClearFlight®: A global pre-flight briefing service for flight operators and dispatchers, which can be tailored to your operators. ClearFlight provides key weather information in one place enabling efficient flight planning.

MetInsight®: A remote briefing service that will help you gain an understanding of any potential weather disruption to your airlines network, allowing you to plan and reduce any impacts.

Training: Bespoke or scheduled weather training to help you understand the weather and how to interpret forecasts to effectively plan for weather related disruption. We can also train observing staff to the required ICAO standard.

Consultancy: Our consultants can offer bespoke advice on all sorts of issues such as how the impact of climate change may affect your long term planning.

Contact us: aviation@metoffice.gov.uk.