Forecasting for the Royal International Air Tattoo

The Royal International Air Tattoo

Linda Jennings, Senior Marketing Manager, Aviation

Supporting safety for General Aviators

GA plane

The extensive range of products and services that the Met Office provides on behalf of the CAA to support airlines operating globally is well known. What is perhaps less well known is the commitment that the Met Office places in supporting the flight safety and well-being of the UK’s general aviation community. Continue reading

St Helena – forecasting at one of the world’s most remote airports

St Helena is a long way from where you are – it’s a long way from anywhere. The nearest land (and diversion airfield) is Ascension Island 703 miles away and the mainland of Africa is at least 1200 miles away. Prior to the building of the airfield, it was also a long time from anywhere; a 2-3 day trip from Ascension Island or 5 days from Cape Town, both by ship, were the only ways most could travel to or from the Island. Continue reading

How we are supporting SESAR


SESAR and Weather

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is a multinational collaborative project to completely overhaul European airspace and its air traffic management (ATM). It includes all aspects of aviation from management of the airports, the trajectory planning and the planning for events that will impact on the aviation network.

EUMETNET is an alliance of national MET centres from across Europe, and is involved in the weather aspects of SESAR which the Met Office is leading on. This includes gathering meteorological requirements. Continue reading